We are a team of technology enthusiasts, designers and LED manufacturers who have been working in the international LED display market for decades, supporting brands, managing projects and designing highly engineered solutions.

Talking to our partners, integrators, consultants, wholesalers and installers, we saw the need in today’s market for a new brand, fresh with an innovative concept, environmentally friendly and, above all, competitive and with a very different business mentality than the typical led manufacturer.

The company strongly believes in the collaboration of partners with a high commercial respect for opportunities and a clear focus on innovation and production of high-quality LED solutions.

After more than 15 years of international work, 2020 saw the birth of a new brand, 375LED, a solution that brings to the market a broad portfolio, specially designed to be competitive in each vertical, carefully produced with the best processes available on the market and in collaboration with the best existing resources.

Purify the air
according to ISO 22197 Fraunhofer University NOx reduction certification

eliminates viruses and bacterias, such as e-coli, Sars COV-2

Applied nanotechnology reduces the cleaning required by 4 times.

Our production line features the unique ECOACTIVE technology, the world’s first truly environmentally friendly solution introduced in the AV industry.

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years of experience


sqm installed


countries with our screens

We consider it essential to our strategy to provide long-term support to our customers. 375LED offers the most comprehensive warranty on the market from the first purchase, with no minimum purchase, no extra % and no special agreements.

All of our products leave the factory with a 5-year warranty, and our customers’ investment can remain secure thanks to the extensive and generous package of spare parts and repair kits we deliver with each of our displays

Our products are of the highest quality and we offer the broadest portfolio of LED displays in the market following strict quality control processes.

Our quality assurance system covers:

▪ Product components
▪ Production process
▪ Final product testing
▪ Aging test
▪ Spare parts
▪ Packaging