the technology

It's not magic, just science.

But isn’t science in itself a bit of magic? We sure think it is!
Our innovative eco-active nano-technology is applied to the surfaces of the screen and is activated under natural or UVA indoor light, triggering a chemical reaction called photocatalysis. This process releases energy and provides several unique benefits to you, your surroundings, and the environment.

How does
it work?

Purify the air around you indoors and out

With Eco-active technology onboard, our screens actively neutralize air impurities and other harmful toxins such as Nitrogen-Oxide (NOx), Sulphur-Oxide (SOx), volatile organic compounds (VOC), and benzene. According to Fraunhofer University, they’re certified as ISO 22197 NOx abatement, and installing just 100 sqm of our screen technology has the same effect as planting 150 trees!

99% viruses and bacteria elimination

Our Eco-active screens help keep people safe and protected from bacterial and viral infections, with all our screens produced according to the ISO 27447 standard for ceramic surfaces. Through proximity and direct contact, our nano ceramic coating eliminates microorganisms that can endanger those nearby such as e-coli, sars, COV-2, and more.

Screens that stay clean

Whether installed out or in, our screens stay cleaner for longer. Our unique coating renders displays hydrophilic, meaning dust, dirt, and bio-film don’t stick, leaving the screens clean and clear for longer. In most cases, our Eco-active screens require 4 times less cleaning than alternatives, saving you time and money, and preserving brand perception.

"Green-tech could be the largest economic opportunity of the 21st Century"

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