Indoor Ecoactive LED Screens. Explore 375LED’s innovative technology with their eco-friendly approach.

Protecting the environment is one of 375LED’s primary objectives and the driving force behind their technological innovations in creating LED screens.

What is Ecoactive Technology?

Ecoactive Technology breaks down nanoparticles of harmful chemicals in the environment, such as nitrogen oxides, contributing to improving air quality by eliminating viruses and bacteria.

From Outdoor to Indoor

What’s most remarkable is that now the ecoactive technology, previously only used with solar power, can be utilized with artificial light, including indirect light, thanks to continuous technological advancements by 375LED. This means that with low light, indoor screens will offer the same benefits, including:

  • Reduction of pollution, creating a workspace and meeting environment with better air quality. Ten square meters of LED screens equate to the work of 15 adult trees.
  • Decrease in indoor viral load (risk of disease transmission) by eliminating organic particles that carry viruses.

With these technological improvements and their innovative ecoactive technology, 375LED will continue to enhance the LED industry while helping companies minimize their ecological footprint and reducing the energy consumption and carbon emissions of their screens.

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