Leading LED screen manufacturer Company, 375Led, installs flexible Curve Column Display at Panama Airport.

375Led, a pioneer in creating eco-active LED screens, has left its mark at Panama Airport with the installation of a Curve Column Display using its innovative In Flex product. This project has transformed a standard column into a captivating focal point, all made possible by 375’s In Flex’s ability to achieve perfect curvature.

In Flex in Action: The Curve Column Display at the airport showcases the performance of 375Led’s In Flex product, highlighting its flexibility and ability to adapt to creative designs.
Moreover, In Flex brings eco-innovation with features including Nox & Sox Abatement (50.03%) and Certification of Pollution Abatement (ISO 22197 from Fraunhofer Institut).

Enhanced Shopping Experience: Travelers passing through duty-free will now enjoy a more engaging shopping experience thanks to the dynamic and captivating lighting provided by the Curve Column Display. In addition, the In Flex product offers Antidust and Self-cleaning features, ensuring a clean and attractive display.



About 375Led:
We proudly define ourselves as a team of technology enthusiasts, designers, and LED manufacturers offering a product that is truly unparalleled globally. Our unique creations, driven by innovative nanotechnology, are eco-active, capable of reducing pollution, purifying the air, and eliminating viruses and bacteria.

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