Mercamadrid Strengthens Confidence in 375LED: Drives Expansion of Communication Project with Cutting-Edge LED Displays.
Know more about the Thinnest Double-Sided LED Displays in the Market.

Mercamadrid takes pride in featuring the market’s slimmest double-sided displays, delivering an unparalleled experience for both clients and suppliers. The displays, with a mere 5 cm thickness and a weight of 140 kg, not only ensure exceptional reliability but also optimize maintenance and technical support costs, ensuring uninterrupted projection.

The remarkable innovation behind these displays involves the meticulous work of 375 LEDs, which has successfully reduced the display size from 500 kg to 140 kg without compromising quality. It is these technological advancements that prompted Mercamadrid, an existing user of the company’s LED displays, to expand its project and establish 375 LED as a strategic ally that seamlessly blends innovation with reliability.

Juan Carlos Castro Maestre, the head of Mercamadrid’s Information Technology department, highlighted the decision to expand the project with 375 LED displays. According to him, the double-sided screens (375 IN Double) stand out for their high quality, stability, resistance, and remarkably low failure rates. Additionally, he emphasized their eco-friendly nature, making them the sole eco-active screens available in the market. He also commended the screens for their visual appeal, easy installation, and lightweight design.

For those considering LED screens, 375 LED stands out as the ideal partner with cutting-edge technology. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a revolutionary display experience.

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