New Showroom in Madrid
375 LED continues to innovate with experience rooms for clients.

375 LED proudly unveils its revamped offices in Madrid, featuring two strategically designed spaces aimed at fostering meaningful interactions with both suppliers and clients, elevating their overall experience.

Upon entering the office, the first impact is made by a 2×0.50 m P1.2 LED screen, ideal for personalized welcome messages, offering visitors an immersive experience from the outset.

As part of creating interactive spaces, there is also a multipurpose room that can be used for conferences, client presentations, and distributor training. It features a custom-made 4.5×2.4 m LED screen with a Pixel Pitch of 1.5, ensuring high-quality images; additionally, it integrates collaborative elements and professional audio to enhance the experience.

Finally, the visual experience is complemented by a transparent screen with P3.91 x P7.68 measuring 1×2 m, reinforcing messages by playing videos, ads, and full-motion promotions on its surface.

As part of the commitment to innovation, 375 LED will continue to strengthen these multipurpose experiential spaces, reaffirming their dedication to innovation and providing spaces for personalized corporate experiences.

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